Tech & Education

Who We Are

We voluntarily rethink traditional teaching methods through new technologies. In doing so, HiTutu is a community of dedicated and passionnated volunteers who bring innovation and creation to change the rules of education.

What We Build

The goal? To work even harder to meet the many post-Covid challenges of the educational field and in so doing, to enable every student to undertake an academic journey that rhymes with perseverance and excellence.

HiTutu is a free-to-use local community platform available through a very exciting and intuitive application that gives the exclusive opportunity to Belgian university students to meet their peers. We contribute together to your own academic excellence and enhance your profile and key skills on the professional market. Capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away. List down your expertise and experience to prove you are the best.

Our Actions

Truly anticipating the dramatic consequences of the pandemic crisis, three students launched HiTutu in November 2019, a research project that aims to develop new educational tools of excellence to rethink our education infrastructures.

We build an innovative infrastructure against the usual and traditional unsafe peer-to-peer lesson process.

Building an online community for most innovative and creative students, our first mission was student-to-student mentoring via an intuitive mobile app to meet with 100 student-faculty on campus or in one’s neighborhood in 15 minutes.

Now we make a step further.