About Us

Excelling in your studies has never been so easy

Our devise

HiTutu is a free-to-use local community platform available through a very exciting and intuitive application that gives the exclusive opportunity to Belgian university students to meet their peers. We contribute together to your own academic excellence and enhance your profile and key skills on the professional market. Capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away. List down your expertise and experience to prove you are the best.

Truly anticipating the dramatic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, three students launched HiTutu in November 2019, a research project that aims to develop new educational tools of excellence to rethink knowledge transmission.

Building an online community for academics, their primary mission at first was student-to-student mentoring via an intuitive mobile app to meet with 100 student-faculty on campus or in one’s neighborhood in 15 minutes.


Whether it is to better understand a particular subject, in person or remotely, the most experienced students still have the possibility to contribute to the planting of trees and the training of foresters in Belgium. And, as a bonus, an active and targeted fight against the usual unsafe peer-to-peer lesson process.

For these reasons, more than 1000 active users already trust us daily.

Quickly, the positive feedback on this student support community being numerous, the initiative now compels the whole team, so passionate, to expand its research team from 2021 onwards to recognized researchers and a unique ambassadors community.

The goal? To work even harder to meet the many post-Covid challenges of the educational field and in so doing, to enable every student to undertake an academic journey that rhymes with perseverance and excellence.

If you need any help, swipe or send a request on HiTutu App to meet your peer from your own faculty as soon as possible. Then, once a slot is booked, a map will be available on your profile as you will be able to follow your tutor in real time to the meeting point. At the end of the session, you’re offered to contribute from your sofa, or from where you stand, to the planting of trees and the training of foresters in Belgium. 

Drawing on insights from Covid-19, and in collaboration with leading researchers, our HiTutu research project is shaping the new education by rethinking knowledge transmission for the next world. With excellence, identity and community satisfaction as central values, our teams are actively developing most innovative projects on a daily basis, to be launched very soon, to offer students challenging and exclusive opportunities as they will carefully be prepared to our post-covid world.